Instructions for Moderators

10.1.2021, SZ CHKT

Introduction of papers

Before each paper presentation, the moderator should introduce the paper and presenter. Start of presentations should be exactly at the scheduled times.

Due to the short time, only the presenter name, institution, and country are expected to be introduced.


Presenting authors will present their slides by sharing their screen on Zoom calls. Some presentations may also be pre-recorded and played during the sessions as video.

Presentations that are be pre-recorded are identified in the spreadsheet sent to moderators. These will be played by a technical conference staff member present at the call. The moderators are asked to give signal to the staff member to start playing the next video by using the "raise hand" feature in Zoom.

End of presentations

After the presentation, moderators are recommended to read any questions asked by conference attendees in Slido. Links to Slido are available in a spreadsheet sent to moderators by email.

In case there are no questions on Slido, moderators should have at least one prepared.

20 seconds before the next presentation, you should start to conclude the presentation.

End of sessions

There will be a possibility for authors to answer any remaining questions received on Slido after the session and before the coffee break.

Further instructions for speakers

Instructions regarding the technical organization and timing of presentations are available here.