Instructions for Speakers

8.8.2012, SZ CHKT

There will be parallel technical sessions during the conference. Most sessions will be 90 minutes long. Each session will consist of presentations of papers that will take 12 minutes.

There will be time for 1-2 questions in between presentations (3 minutes). There will also be time for speakers to change, and for the audience to change sessions (1 minutes). Time left at the end of each session may be used for a common discussion of all presentations and answering any remaining questions received on Slido.

The official language is English. No translation will be provided during the sessions.

Presentation templates

Templates for presentation slides are available at this link:

Online video conferencing setup

The conference will use Zoom during sessions. Each session will take place on a separate video call with a link that will be sent to presenting authors and session chairs by email before the conference. Video call participants are asked to download and install the Zoom Client for Meetings on their PC from this link:

Presenting authors are kindly asked to connect to the video calls for their sessions at least 10 minutes before sessions start and introduce themselves to session chairs and other presenters. Only the presenting authors and session chairs will take part in the video call. All attendees will watch the sessions on YouTube live streams and will be able to ask questions on Slido.

Presenting authors will show their slides by sharing their computer screen on the video call. There is also the possibility to send prerecorded 12 minute video presentations to be played instead of live presentations. However, the presenting authors are required to be present on the video call for questions.

The presenting authors are kindly asked to make sure that their internet speed, audio (microphone) and video (camera) quality are good and reliable. There will be a testing video call on January 11 the conference to verify the technical setup and get acquainted with the videoconferencing tools. Presenting authors and session chairs are kindly asked to use the same video call links as for the main day of the conference. The exact schedule of the test calls was sent to authors by email.


Conference will enforce a “non-commercialism” policy. No presentations containing commercialism will be allowed. Please use your company or university logo and name only on the first slide. You can check during coffee breaks whether your slides are in an acceptable format.

It is highly recommended that you practice your talk prior to the presentation at conference: above all, please make sure that the presentation will be completed within the allowed time.

The session chairs will introduce your talk and ask you to start your presentation. Please start your presentation considering the following:

  1. Start immediately on the topic and avoid another introduction by yourself.
  2. Pace your talk to end at the scheduled ending time.
  3. Obey your chairman's instructions.
  4. When a warning sign indicating that 3 minutes remain, start concluding your presentation.

During the time for discussion, listen carefully to the questions from the audience and answer them briefly. If you cannot answer the questions briefly, ask for a private discussion after the session.