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Compressors Conferences

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Scope of the conference

  • Compressors,
  • Compressors and refrigeration technologies,
  • Inspections and diagnostics,
  • Compressors, Coolants and Oils

In the recent years development has sped up and construction, materials and technology have improved in the manufacture of low output compressors. The catalyst of the explosion in new manufacturing of construction and technology is the dynamic development process of coolants and oils. A large space has been given for discussions among specialists from research, development and manufacture in the areas of alternative coolants, their blends, the closely watched usage of pure hydrocarbons, particularly for domestic refrigeration, further changing of thinking as regards the evaluation of compressors on the principle of the TEWI factor. The nowadays efforts are focused on electrical energy consumption and applications of natural coolants. 

Our international conference aims to be a meeting place for the knowledge of specialists from the west and east with the goal of looking at the future through the choppy sea of information and new results in science, research and production.

Joint conference of IIR Commissions B2 and B1 with E1 and E2 is organized by

International Institute of Refrigeration, Paris
Slovak Association for RAC Technology, Rovinka
Slovak National Committee for Cooperation with IIR, Bratislava
SlovakTechnical University, Bratislava, Bratislava
Embraco Slovakia, s.r.o. Spišská Nová Ves
Secop, s.r.o. Zlaté Moravce

Conference held usually on September in the Congress Center Papiernička, Castle Red Stone and Castle Smolenice nearby Bratislava, Slovakia  attracts up to 190 participants from 17 countries. 60 papers and 10 conference exhibitors. Main sponsors in the past were Embraco Slovakia, Danfoss Compr. and company Bock. The conference has its own symbols: compressor’s bell and pipe.



90041 Rovinka, Slovak Republic

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web site: www.szchkt.org

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