Instructions for Moderators

10.1.2021, SZ CHKT

Introduction of papers

Before each paper presentation, the moderator should introduce the paper and presenter. Start of presentations should be exactly at the scheduled times.

Due to the short time, only the presenter name, institution, and country are expected to be introduced.


Presenting authors will present their slides by sharing their screen on Zoom calls. Some presentations may also be pre-recorded and played during the sessions as video.

Presentations that are be pre-recorded...

Conference schedule

13.8.2012, SZ CHKT


Monday, September 2
12:00 Exhibition, installation, registration and accomodation
14:00 Bus from the Castle Smolenice
Registration, coffee
Opening Ceremony
15:00 Plenary Lectures (congress hall)
17:00 Dinner
18:50 Visit of Castle Red...

Conference plan

13.8.2012, Peter Tomlein

In summary, the Conference will feature:

  • Podium oral presentations of 60 technical papers (12 sessions, 18 hours of presentations)
  • Plenary lectures of 7 internationally recognized experts 
  • Exhibition of leading innovation companies and leading edge institutions
  • Meetings of 2 IIR commissions
  • Visits of two 2 castles
  • Rich cultural programme including a welcoming " glass of wine " Fujara´s show and social and cultural programme at both...