Conference Preface - Václav Havelský

24.4.2013, Václav Havelský

Václav Havelský,

Conference President


Dear Readers and Conference Participants

International Conference Compressors 2013 is the eights in a series of conferences on compressors and coolants organized by Slovak Association for Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Technology since 1995.

This 2013 conference organized again as Joint conference of IIR Commissions B2 and B1 with E1 and E2 provides an opportunity to exchange current engineering information, problems and solutions on the important issues of compressor technology, new refrigerants and oils, refrigeration technology and energy effectiveness of  refrigerating, air-conditioning and heat pump systems including also absorption refrigerating technologies.

More than 70 abstracts of more than 100authors were submitted to the judgment and appreciation for the conference presentations. I would like to thank to the all authors, the best specialist in our profession for their contributions which enhance significantly the scientific standard of our conference. We very appreciate the constant interest of many authors to participate at our conference.

Our conference goals - to assemble well-known experts to present papers of immediate or general interest, to provide a forum for the presentation of applied papers on good current practice and research papers on good future practice and to provide an atmosphere for the general exchange of engineering information, problems and solutions will be surely successfully achieved.

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